Thoughts on home.....

Here's a picture of my new home when I purchased it this summer. The entrance needs a little bit of love. So far we've ripped the three dated bushes out and removed the fake flowers. Here's my punch list for the rest of the transformation:

- I'm planning to paint the front door within the next week or two. I'm either going with a pale aqua or a bright coral shade. I'm still debating the choice but am leaning towards an aqua hue because my home faces the marsh and is five minutes from the beach!

- Add a new entrance light and house numbers
- Repaint the house in a paler grey shade
- Add a new full length "updated" storm door
- Add a door knocker in either brass or bright nickel. (love both) I kind of love how clean the nickel looks on Miles aqua door below. (image one)
- Add new plantings. Boxwood etc.....
- Add an updated walkway, stairs
- Lose the dated metal hand railings

Since I'm painting the door first I thought I'd share my inspirational images. Do you have a favorite?? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts! xx
Once I choose a color, I'll be sure to share the name and after photos!!
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