Honestly, this time of year can get a little depressing in New England; the extra chilly weather is just setting in, the scale is tipping in the wrong direction, my house is usually a post holiday disaster!!
Thank goodness for New Year's resolutions, they motivate and feel like a fresh start, and when they actually come to fruition it's quite satisfying....
I'm feeling great about 2010 and am of course very excited to meet our new baby bundle arriving this month!!
So onto my 2010 resolutions.....

ONE. to focus on saving to purchase a pretty home close to the beach!

Image: Martha Stewart, Backen Gillam Architects
TWO. To travel to Paris with my husband for my birthday. {In October}. I've been to France but never to the city of lights....

Image: Print available through Etsy
THREE. I read Julie and Julia in 2008 but saw the movie just last night. Julia Child's story is very inspiring. I've always loved to cook but haven't been very motivated in the kitchen lately. I hope to refine my cooking skills, entertain more and try some new techniques and recipes in 2010. {all while sipping new wine selections}

Images: Andrea Wyner
FOUR. Is to purge and organize my "stuff" and life!

How great is this closet? It belongs to Nicole from the amazing blog "Making it Lovely" The cabinet is available here through IKEA.
To have a small dresser just for jewelry, belts and scarfs would be a dream wouldn't it?
{owww I just had a thought-I'll keep you posted}
FIVE. To set aside more time to exercise and whip this body into shape after my "little one" arrives.

SIX. To contiune to be inspired by and explore more cultural endeavors {something I rarely have time for since having a family}. This will include reading more novels {including a few classics}, seeing more movies {including vintage flicks}, and attending more art shows and museum exhibits.

Image: Tom Palumbo, Martha Stewart Blog, CecilyLowe

SEVEN. To continue to grow and develop SHELTER - The Blog and The Design Firm!!{I can't wait to share my new website - it's set to launch at the end of the month}

EIGHT. To lose the "grass is always greener" syndrome and live for the here and now!

Peace and Happy New Year wishes to you!

Cheers to your best year yet!



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