Sweet Galley..

As a designer, I realize not everyone has gobs of money to make their home look smashing. {I certainly don't}..but I'm a firm believer that a small sweet home beautified on a budget can look and work just as wonderfully as a huge Mc Mansion..{who needs all that extra STUFF anyway?}. I came across this small galley kitchen from Southern Living today, it's simple but has a great feel doesn't it? Note the small details that make the difference.
- painted wood plank ceiling
- great light fixtures
- Use a piece of furniture to store and display your platters, dishes and plates
-clean simple surfaces and finishes
-creative storage solutions, recessed t.v. eg. stashed cutting board
- leaving one side open without upper cabinetry makes this kitchen feel roomier
- Always allow enough natural light into your spaces - even if you have to splurge on a new window or two
- Use shallow shelving for storage, every space counts!


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