Nursery Update..

Hello, Hello, sorry about the lack of posts, I'm doing everything I can do stay sane on about three hours of sleep a night..My poor new baby has really bad acid reflux, so she never sleeps much!! I am going to start on her nursery at some point this month! Remember I was going to hang a collage of quirky boat artwork on the wall if I had a baby boy? Well I've decided to do the same with my "enchanted forest theme" {bunnies and deer} for Emerson's room. Here's a few of the pieces that could work..As I said I want the room and the art to feel as if it's evolved! I don't think any room should be "too perfect" because then it feels over designed to me! Oh and if you have any tips for an uncomfortable baby please feel free to send them my way!! Peace out for now. - Julie

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