Lights out..

a couple of weeks ago North of Boston was hit with an intense windstorm..I honestly thought the roof may blow away that night as my husband, son and I snuggled under the covers.
The power went out around ten p.m. and didn't return for three days. I headed south to my parent's home the next afternoon, living in a 45 degree home without electricity or heat is less then ideal, especially with a five week and two year old! I also realized I wouldn't fair so well previous to the invention of electricity. {most homes in the United States were fitted with electricity from about 1905-1910 on.} Hence the invention of the canopy bed, which provided both an extra layer of warmth and privacy. Used today for more glamorous reasons, here are a few of my favorites..

Mary McDonald often uses canopy beds in her work. Below are two versions of her bedroom followed by two of her projects..

note how she just painted her sisal rug! {above image}

Clearly Mary McDonald is influenced by the "king" of canopy beds. David Hicks. His work is timeless.

Clean + Simple looks

Cozy feminity by Phoebe Howard

two shots of the former style director of Domino magazine Dara Caponigro's elegant bedroom

for the kiddies
Images: Domino, Domino, Mary McDonald, Harmony and Home blog, Veranda, David Hicks - three images, Elle Decor, ?, Phoebe Howard, Domino, via Pink Wallpaper, House and Garden


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