Crunch time

So I'm back from my mini-vaca. I of course love vacations but I usually return a bit overwhelmed while trying to play catch up personally and professionally. I also just got the news that I have a definite "move date" so the crunch time to find a home is on. Most of you know I am down sizing and would love to find a cottage. It's also going to need to be a fixer upper as my budget won't allow me to purchase my dream home, but being a designer I don't mind buying a place that needs a serious rehab, now onto my post. I thought this home in this month's House Beautiful by interior designer Erin Martin was great. It's a beach cottage with just the right amount of chic. I'm looking at a house this week which needs a "TON" a work. It also has walls clad in ugly wood paneling. If I ever bought the place, I'm thinking some wood walls would go but the rest would be coated in a seat of white paint!! You can't go wrong with white paint!


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