Baby you're a star!

As most of my readers know I've had a whirlwind of a couple of years..a cheating spouse, two kids under the age of four, a lengthy divorce, and many many crazy changes but I have to say as long as you and your family are healthy and you're not going to be forced out onto the streets, everything works out!! And mark my words, it's usually for the better!  I'm in a really good place right now on so many levels. (I've been to the beach more this summer then I've have in years - my personal escape).
I have a stressful couple of months ahead of me (so bear with me on the blog posts) but I'm staying positive that the direction I am heading is the right one for me and my children! I went house hunting on Friday. eeek. I really hope I can find something soon! I'm moving either way by mid-October so stayed tuned for the juicy and not so juicy details! (I came across this top image via Luella and June - it made my morning)

So If you are in a bad place or feeling not so great about yourself, please don't forget that you're a star and that everything is going to be alright!! You'll be stronger because of it, promise.


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