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Like many designer's I'm drawn to aesthetics that run the gamut. I'm inspired by incredibly chic spaces, but I'm also drawn to the beauty and comfort of a country bungalow. Lately I've been tossing around the idea of starting a garden. It would be a mix of flowers, fruits, + vegetables. The layout, beauty and organization of this garden featured in this month's Country Living magazine {a publication I hadn't looked at in years, but as of late have been reading again} is amazing. I love the idea of cultivating and then serving my own organically grown food to family and friends. {there I go again, with the casual lifestyle talk}. This isn't going to happen this Summer. The best way to begin a garden {as with any design} is to devise a PLAN. Maybe I'll start sketching that out this winter!!

I love having fresh cut flowers around the house. These giant Dahlia are amazing.

Don't you just adore this outdoor entertaining space?
Another beautiful garden - on a much smaller scale

Images: Country Living


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