I've mentioned in the past my parent's have a casual weekend home in V.T.. It's such a treat to escape to the calm and beauty of Vermont. It's pastoral setting is the perfect respite from the chaos {and traffic} of my daily life in Massachusetts.

I've always wanted to visit Vermont Salvage in White River Junction. The weekend before last I had the chance to do so.
Vermont Salvage would be the perfect "go to" for someone restoring an old home. They have a vast selection of interior/exterior doors, french doors, claw foot tubs, hardware, and architectural columns. It costs a fortune to duplicate the craftsmanship found in homes of the past, Vermont Salvage is a good starting point if you are looking for older items. They also sell a small selection of imported and old furniture + found objects.

What they didn't have: I thought they would have a better selection of vintage lighting. They had some, but I would love to see more. I'm sure their inventory is always changing. They did have a number of vintage school lights.

Here's a peek inside.
Imported Items
They have a wide assortment of benches, similar to the one photographed. These could be fun in a mudroom or foyer. Some looked old, some did not. Think of what you could do with a little paint and a fun cushion. They were only $125.00 each.

They had a number of armoire's and cabinets. Again, some of them didn't look old, some did. I thought they were a bit over priced.

another bench

Crystal door knobs


Sometimes they acquire entire sets of stairs

The view from my parent's place. My son loves to run around outdoors.



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