Holiday Happenings....

 So like you I've been running around like a lunatic all week, client meetings, conference calls (good things only going on!!) and of course getting ready for the holidays. I wanted to do something special for the teacher's who take care of my daughter. I was inspired by this idea and decided to try it myself. I'm happy with the results, plus after a long day who doesn't love a little spiked hot chocolate? I think I'll have one this weekend, myself. Hope your weekend is merry and bright!
 On another note. I actually don't know how to sew, sad to say, I'm sure I could figure it out but in all honesty don't have much time. I'm more likely to be seen wildly spraying furniture or creating a new painting. But I wanted to share the latest stocking that my Mom made for my sister's little baby boy. My mom began making these stocking for us when I was a baby in the 1970's. She has since made one for all the new little ones in the family. They're made from felt, we worked on this polar bear design together! Turned out sweet didn't he?

And FINALLY. It's high time, I need to invest to a great camera, so I can take amazing vignettes and details shots to share with you! I'm going to do a little research on a Canon EOS, I had a 35mm Rebel and I've heard only great things about this model.


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