Sneak Peek - Snapshots of my home!

I've received a number emails over the past few months asking to see some images of my own home! Let me begin by saying it's a work in progress. As most designers can attest, I can conceptualize a client's home down to the smallest detail but when it comes to my own home I {as my friend Erin from Elements of Style says} I have design A.D.D.! I know the cause, I LOVE so many styles and objects; it's so hard to choose one direction for my own space or even two for that matter! I'll share more photos when the rooms are completed! I'm focusing on the living and dining rooms now {when I can grab a moment here and there ;) that is...}. Happy Monday!

My image board!

My Office

My Foyer {this is the piece I refurbished see post here}

{I'm adding a fourth pillow to the right side chair}

The Living Room

The Dining Room

Images: Molly Ferguson


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