How Sweet...

My posts may be a on the quick side for the next few weeks, between my new baby and my active two year old, I am a bit on the busy side...thank god for Sesame Street..

So I don't know about the old wives tales and pregnancy, but my sweet tooth was insane with this pregnancy. I'm scared to even think about stuffing myself back into my jeans again. I honestly consumed enough hot fudge sundaes to last me a lifetime. The crazy thing is, the cravings haven't slowed down; I still love all things sweet. I'm smitten with pretty colors and feminine design details. I guess that's to be expected right?

I just adore Ruthie Sommer's ice-cream parlor inspired breakfast nook design! The Saarinen table, the classic white chairs, the bright linen upholstery in a rainbow of colors, the chocolate stripes, the light pink paint accents.. sweet perfection.

Images: Traditional Home


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