Office Makeover - Tips and Tricks

I just love transformations. It's amazing what a difference creative space planning, paint and a few ingenious ideas can make. This room is very coordinated which makes for a cohesive design. I usually add something to "throw things off a bit". I'm not a big fan of everything matching but this office - den space works very well! It's full of tips and tricks. Let's run through the list shall we?

1. The power of paint. These white walls reflect the natural light and make for a clean crisp space. The green painted molding along the ceiling creates definition and interest.
2. The small love seat is upholstered in two fabrics, an interesting print has been used on the back and seat cushion. The body of the piece is covered in a basic white duck cloth. The limited use of the print adds an unexpected touch but can also save you some money.
3. The organic white and green rug lightens up the woods floors. It's actually two 4' x 6' rugs taped together. Another money saving tip. Often odd sized rugs are hard to find, this idea devises a custom size for your space. Places like Ikea sell great inexpensive rugs. Carpet tape can be found at most hardware stores.
4. Using lucite in small spaces saves space visually! It also adds a modern twist to a classic space.
5. Paint your ceiling a slightly different color then the walls. I've even covered the ceiling in my office with wallpaper. {I'll post photos of my office soon}

This photo is so typical of many spaces. {loose the hollow-core doors}

I love the way those hum-drum closets were hidden but also used so efficiently. I've also done something similar in my office.
6. Create storage space and shelving within under-used closets. The shelving is perfect for your home computer, books, music - i pod connection, office supplies, photos etc. They are accessible but can be hidden with the over sized fabric panels. This small amount of space is now so functional!
7. Add interesting trim and banding to your drapes. The leading edge of these panels is very fun and graphic.
8. Spray your plain file cabinets with a shot of color. Specially formulated paint is available for metal surfaces.

10. Paint the top of your white desk with a color. It will help tie the room together.
11. Cover one wall - Preferably a focal wall with a patterned wall paper. Try and match the background color to your wall color for a cohesive look.
12. Repeat your crown molding trim color on the insides of book shelves. Painting the interior of any simple white shelves is fun, unexpected and inexpensive.
Images: Better Homes and Gardens


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