Summer lovin.....

As most designers do, I have a number of "Look Books" full of amazing
magazine tear outs, most are rooms, gardens and anything that strikes me
as inspirational.
I also have style files organized by the name of the item,
ex. "table lamps". I spend countless hours cataloging these images.
While I was laboring over my beloved books today, I came across
a tear out of a home that I've had for ages and am still drawn to.

It's the weekend retreat of Dara Caponigro, the style
director for Domino Magazine.

Domino is one of my favorites.

When Dara's home was published in Elle Decor, Domino
didn't even exist. These rooms are so liveable and relaxed. I can imagine
settling down for a glass of wine on the sofa after a stressful day of shopping
or swimming at the beach.

Often many of the vacation homes I come across while perusing my subscriptions
don't seem attainable. Dara's does.....

Photographs: Elle Decor, Photographer: Laura Resen


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