Thoughts on home...

Happy Friday!! So my new home is slowly coming together! The walls are painted, the electrician is almost done, the kitchen is a mess (but I hope to finish that in the next six weeks or so). I also haven't had two seconds to arrange any furniture. So please don't look at these photos as a finished product!! I'm thrilled with the grey paint and the warm floors. (they are actually quite a bit darker in person than in this shot) but I didn't go with ebony. I think that would have been too heavy with the walls. 

Today I'm contemplating the fireplace. I like natural brick if it's actually constructed from nice old bricks and is in a historical home. The bricks in my house just aren't working for me. (top photo) So the question is what color do I paint them?? I'm torn between black and white, but I've shared a couple other ideas! If I go with black, I'm planning to choose a matte finish. I'm thinking a large mantel that covered more of the brick is the way to go! I'm also eventually going to incorporate built ins. (love the look below) And of course I'll switch out the screen etc...
white washed brick is pretty


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