Love the look

I just typed up an entire post and somehow it disappeared when I tried to publish it!! Very you're getting the summarized version, sorry. I don't have much for summer fashion on my mind this week, but it's too early to even think about Fall fashion (although what's not to love: boots, vests, scarfs, all the cute skinny pants out this season etc etc). 
Instead, I have my new house and the functionality of it on my mind. I have a small half bath off of my new bedroom. Ideally, I'd love to install a glass covered cabinet on the wall for all my toiletries much like the picture (above right). Here's the run down of some of my faves!!


1. Lightly scented candles create a sense of calm even when my life is chaotic. Jo Malone scents are not too over powering 
2. This is my go to lip gloss, it plumps but isn't sticky
3. Super Orgasm - has a hint of sparkle, which is fun!
4. I swear by sunblock and have been wearing bb creams lately
5. My lashes are long but light, I can't live without mascara
6. Tocca - Collette is my favorite fragrance
7. I love wearing pink polish on my toe nails


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