back to reality

Hello, Hello! I apologize for the silence, I was taking a much needed mini-vacation to the Caribbean! (ahhh love it there). I'm officially back to reality but I'm still dreaming a little. I've decided that for my semi-retirement in about 27 years I'd like to own a little villa some place. I'd be very happy if it looked a exactly like this. I would of course extend an open invite to family and friends! It would also be for rent when I wasn't escaping for a couple of months during the winter!! A girl can dream right?? I'd better start my "cottage account" today! Hope your winter is going well, it feels like Spring is just around the corner in Boston today! 

This beautiful "cottage" is located in the Bahamas and is by designer Tom Scheerer. (I think it may even be his vacation place). I'm sure you've caught a glimpse of it before but it's amazing, so I thought I'd share it again. I love all Tom's "beach" projects.

Limed wood perfection!

 images via tom


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