think pink

Sorry about the late post. I've been running lately, I feel like all I do is run, run run... I blog when I really should be sleeping. Anyway as most of my regular readers {and thanks for that :)} probably figured out my life took a crazy turn this past Fall. It's insane enough having a new born baby, never mind life changing drama. I'm moving forward in a positive direction and am starting to focus on my home again!!{which is always so much fun for me}. I was never able to wrap up my daughter's room, so that is my first order of business. I got around to painting it on Saturday. I have painted a slew of mirrors and dressers etc. but I had never painted a room before. It was a goal of mine to paint hers. I finished 90%, and plan on finishing the balance this week!! I never tire of the transformative power of paint, $50.00 and a little elbow grease is all it takes. I LOVE the color. I went with a pale pink; I know that seems so predictable, but pink it just so "well", pretty, and that is what I was going for on the walls.  I previously posted my original boards for the room on my blog here. I've tweaked them a little, but the concept is still pretty much the same. {look for the new boards, with the final selections tomorrow afternoon}. Here's a bit of pale pink inspiration for you. The color I went with is called Mellow Pink {75%} by Benjamin Moore. It's the perfect warm pink. {and looks very much like Palmer Weiss daughter's walls below.} 

image: Lonny Mag


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