lived in..

I think it's important for homes to reflect their owners. Too many homes I spy in Shelter Mags. feel, stuffy, and impersonal so I love when I come across a home with a slightly off beat sense of style.  The pictures aren't all hung perfectly straight on the wall, the furniture is a little off key, the dishes aren't meticulously organized., etc. Don't get me wrong I LOVE an organized home, but truthfully while I sit here typing in my office I cannot help but notice my home is never perfect. I have a thing for custom pillows, so I have quite a few. My three year old son loves pillows as well but not in a decorative way, in more of a construction way. They are usually strewn all over the floor or haphazardly replaced after his last fort collapse. My picture wall that I spent hours hanging and leveling is always being bumped and jostled. I guess my point is I feel better knowing not everyone lives a perfectly buttoned up life.  Somedays I'm lucky to grab a shower and eat dinner. Life is busy, I only wish I had more time to clean and organize.

Images: Living Etc. March 2011.


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