one piece, new finds..

Does anyone else get the urge to shop during the dead of winter? I always want to refresh my life, home and wardrobe this time of year. Maybe it's because I'm not outside running around like during the warm months, although skiing is on my "to do" list this year. I think it's time to bring my three year old.  The retail companies must know everyone is on the prowl {maybe not spending after the holiday bills arrive} but definitely looking because the catalogs are pouring in. Here is a round up of some of my favorite new finds!! 

1. Shelf - Pottery Barn 2.  Chaine d'Ancre Bracelet from Hermes at a mere $9700, I think I'll be holding off on this one! {seriously imagine adding that to your cart??} who can do that ? someone I guess 3. Bone Mirror from Ballard Design 4. Venus Fly Trap Necklace from J.Crew 5. The Eddie Ballet flat from Tory Burch {look comfy}


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