A bit of chic...

Happy Friday! Such a great day isn't it? knowing you have the entire weekend ahead of you to kick-back or whoop it up? I discovered a new favorite blog this week..Walking Around Where the Side Walk Begins, not sure how I missed this one..but she's got fabulous taste and a great eye. It's also where I discovered the amazingly chic jewelry pictured, the talented creator behind this gorgeous handmade jewelry line is Amber Venz.

I truly think the chicest women of all aren't afraid to get their hands a bit dirty or their brow a bit sweaty!! When I studied in Milan, I was in awe of all the uber fashionable women on bikes..{in 80+ weather} these images just prove my point!

Happy Weekend!
images: pretty mommy, The Sartorialist, Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins


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