Sitting Pretty

I'm not one for "sets", so I never combine a matching desk and chair! When you mix opposites the results are more interesting..that was actually one of Jenna Lyon's words of wisdom with clothing! {ex. shiny and matte, tweed with metal etc.}! but you already knew that right? ;)
I also love {and employ} the idea of using a table as a desk, as long as the height is correct {29-30"} the options are endless!

These actually look similar, but it works..

A stool is an option for "short time" seating, I wouldn't want to work at a stool..

Here is a shot of my desk and chair {I nabbed the chair at a flea market for $10 - not bad right?} I simply had a cushion made for it! My desk is actually a dining table from West Elm, I like a large work surface..

Image credits: KWID, Charlotte Moss, Betsy Burnham, Betsy Burnham, Mary McGee, via DecorPad, Elle Decor, MaryRuffle, ?, via Martha Angus.


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