I thought I'd begin this post with the latest Kelly Wearstler publication; her new beach home. Her home is not for the faint of heart!

The bits and pieces of Kelly's work that I've seen lately have been fairly neutral color stories.
The key to a successful neutral interior is to layer on the texture, and subtleties of color. Also, always add a touch of color contrast for depth. I tend to use more color in my work, but what I love about neutral rooms is their calming quality.

Kelly's new line for Sferra linens

{above in this month's Met Home}

and for the more classically inspired....

Martha Stewart often uses a natural color combinations {Turkey Hill}

Darryl Carter's work is usually neutral

Images: as noted, John Granen, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Flickr, Darryl Carter, Darryl Carter, Eric Johnson, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, John Granen


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