Another project + I would love your help!

Your basic sunbrella fabric

Brighter Turquoise

If an interior designer isn't working on someone else's projects, {he or she} is usually in the throws of a personal creative venture. Back in July as a rookie blogger, I did one of my first posts on the chair below. I found these on my way to the beach one day. I screamed to my husband "stop the car". This isn't a rare occurrence in our lives, as I often find myself picking up stranger's castaways. None the less, he still thinks I'm out of my mind.

I loved the bamboo detailing of these tired chairs. The bottom photo is what they originally looked like. I have since painted one glossy black and now need to choose an outdoor fabric for all seven of them.

That's where you come in!! I can't decide what to do. My choices are above. I love the idea of doing a simple solid turquoise, or maybe even yellow but apart of me thinks the quirky bright green bird print might be fun!! {The website touts it as being very "high-end", whatever that means in the outdoor fabric world - softer I guess} WHAT DO YOU THINK? Oh and these fabrics are all well priced, I don't want to spend a fortune on fabric. I look forward to your thoughts!


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