Where I'd like to....

I'm starting a new weekly post on Tuesdays..dubbed "Where I'd like to"... Like most design junkies I'm constantly perusing magazines and the web. Over the past few years, I've compiled three large "looks books" and folder upon folder of photos and tear sheets..So I thought I would share a new {some will be fresh + some will be classic favorites} space with you each week. Enjoy!
This week I'm pining over this dreamy kitchen. Maybe it's because my kitchen is dated and dysfunctional {eventually I hope to have the funds to perfect it} but for now I just tear droves of photos from my favorite magazines, dream and sketch.
* The two things I would tweak in this kitchen are the lights over the island and the seating set up. I would place three large, evenly spaced pendants over this hefty island, instead of two..I also love the concept of the modern, comfy stools, but there isn't enough leg room provided in this photo..
* I've always wanted to have an over sized multifunctional island. I envision it being the "hub of the home", for food prep, eating, socializing, home work etc. This island is great - love the look of the casters.


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