Thoughts on home....

I'll just apologize in advance for my sporadic blogging. I've been focusing on my business and finding a house!! Which I finally did, I closed on it last week!! Woot woot! 
I'm very excited to share all the details and the revamp with you. It's a perfect little ranch down the street from the beach and across from the marsh for my kids and I. It needs some love! I'll of course be sharing weekly updates with photos of my "budget friendly" design transformation with you all!

Today my thoughts are about the t.v...There's a three season porch that I plan to eventually turn into a den/office but for now I'll need to put my t.v. in the living room. The house has a fireplace, so the question is where do I put the "black box"? For the record, I'm not a huge television watcher so it would never be the focal point of the room. Ideally a having it integrated into a built in unit would be nice but this house doesn't have the wall room and I don't have the budget to do this right now. 

Here are my options! 

I could mount it to my Ikea lack bookshelf but then I'd lose the flexibility to rotate the screen, which with my set up will be key.

I could house it in my vintage armoire, but I think I'd rather use that for storage!

Both my boyfriend and brother in law suggested placing it above the fireplace, but again I don't want it to be the focal point of the room. Plus, it's a smaller space so I think it would be too high!

I think I may just hang it to the left of the mantel above a small dresser that I already own.  What are your thoughts on the television? Do you prefer it tucked away or front and center? This conversation often comes up with clients. I find men and women's opinions often differ. (go figure)


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