kicking myself + more jade

I confess, I'm a bit of a trash picker (I'm mean this of course in the most positive way possible). I often snatch up great pieces of furniture on the side of the road on trash day, my 4 year old son gets a kick out of this. (most likely a future trash picker, poor guy)  Last night I passed this black table (it was almost identical but needed some love). I even did a drive by a second time but my daughter was with me, so there was no way it was going to fit in the back of my new SUV. ( a much needed purchase in my life). So today what do I stumble across on M Design Studio's website? This table! And more jade of course too. I'm bummed, oh well. I have a back log of pieces to transform so I guess I don't need another one! There's just something so thrilling about finding an amazing piece of furniture or a mirror etc. etc. left curbside! Who's with me here?? I know a number of my design friends are, promise your secret is safe with me. ;)


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