Take Me Away

WE all need to get away at some point in our lives, escape reality, relax, reflect and just not think about day to day stressors! I'm there right now, but I actually have too much to button up, so for a number of reasons I need to hold off on an escape. I'm wrapping up the paperwork for my impending divorce tomorrow, which is liberating but has also been mentally exhausting. I've had a few other curve balls thrown my way this Fall, but I've decided to face them head on and do something about it, instead of trying to change what I have no control over. My energy is now directed towards what I do have control over; my actions and thoughts! I am trying to focus on what is great right now and will at some point plan a get away, it may not be next month but it will happen! I will make it happen!! I came across this breathtakingly, pure escape via dust jacket attic today. This country get away is located in South Africa and is called Babylonsotren. The gorgeous landscape, clean design and freshly grown food all looks amazing. This destination has made it's way onto my bucket list! Hope all of your holiday preparations are going well..now back to work I go...


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