Dear J.Crew

I'll start by saying keep the amazing goods coming, you're really on a roll this Fall..  I guess this note is really about a wish.
 My birthday is coming up very soon and oohh is it a doozy {ouch}, so I figured I should buy myself a little gift to ease the pain. I am smitten with the adorable Rhapsody chain bag on your site and in the catalog. Is it true you've already sold out of the black and green? The camel could be an option but is there any chance you'll be getting the other colors in?? It would be great if you did, place another order that is, clearly it's a hit! {I used to work in buying so I do know how the retail world goes..hopefully there is another order out there? somewhere? } Thank you in advance for any information! 

a side note: {I really try to look at birthdays as a blessing, I've lived another healthy and happy year! Okay, I promise not to get too corny on you now - Happy Monday} You'll have to bear with me this week..My PC died, so I've decided to switch to a Mac, I'm over all the viruses out there in pc world. {I am still learning the ropes.}


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