Which do you like?

Deep Grey Diamond

Okay, so I had to return a West Elm rug today, it was in my living room but just wasn't holding up well! so now I need another rug {from W.E. - with my credit} and I'm torn. I love both the diamond and Chevron (zig-zag) look. I feel like the diamond looks a little fresher and would most likely hide stains better {I have a three and six month old}. So I ask you..Which do you prefer? Diamond or Zig-Zag?
If you read my blog regularly, it's going in my living room, {as seen here}which as quite a bit of dark brown..but I'm thinking of mixing in deep charcoal. My husband just painted the inside of my back door black and I'm loving the look, so I'm going to have him paint the inside of my front doors too! (oh btw. I used Zorro by C2 - it's a rich inky-grey black, love it!}

+ an update on my gallery style art wall. {PLEASE excuse the poor photography - I don't have much light in my foyer - when I'm done I'll have this professionally shot}

I'm almost finished with my art wall...It's a mix of high and low, some of the art is by my three year old son. Most of it is from various trips I've taken. I think artwork is the best thing you can buy when traveling {unframed that is}. I need to add two or three more pieces. {to the right side} I'm thinking I'll add a collage, and maybe a still life of flowers or something??? It's getting there! Oh and I'm definitely going to add one of these Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs antlers to the mix. {i was inspired by that from a photo of a previous post}

a couple close up of two pieces.


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