The state of things + weekend flea market find!

There's a close up for you..I love to scour flea markets, I'm afraid my children will too, because I drag them along {neither seems to mind}! This weekend I purchased this green/blue glass "carboy" as I was told it's called. They are used for making beer and wine, which is fitting as I love both..I'm going to fill it with water and long grasses from my yard. My dream is to someday have a {very small} store that would house my design office and revamped flea-market finds. I really have a love of lamps and chairs, but I've run out of room..{would also love a small barn or garage someday - a makeshift workshop}

Also, an update on Emerson's room. See the concept here, if you missed it! I purchased these amazing letterpress graphic posters. Each is signed by the designer. I don't want to go overboard with sticky sweetness, so I thought these would be perfect. I like the message and the design. I'm going to have them individually framed for above the headboard. "Always Play Amongst Friends" from Brooklyn's Friends of Type..I also scored a simple little dresser at a yard sale. I'm going to paint it charcoal and add these glass pulls from The Paris Apartment. {they have the best glass pulls}

Remember my idea to frame images of deer and bunnies, well I'm going to do it gallery style above or on either side of the crib..{i always get nervous about hanging things above the crib}

would also love to incorporate some paper hangings..image via Making it lovely.

John Robshaw pillow fabric

Areaware bunny pillow - too cute!

Image of bedroom: Lonny


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