Couldn't resist - Design Tip + Trick

La Dolce Vita posted this interior on her blog back in the Spring
of 2008. This designer's home was so beautifully designed,
I had to share it again.. For those of you who haven't seen her home,
it's pure eye candy!

That leads me to my design tip. One of the first elements
I discuss in my residential class is the importance

Webster's Dictionary describes COHESION as: "Sticking together" :
that doesn't sound so glamorous but it's true.

The decorative + architectural elements throughout your
space/home/chalet etc. etc. should read as a whole, NOT
match perfectly because that is a BORE, but the pieces of
the puzzle should flow and relate in some shape or form.

This can be accomplished in a multitude of ways...
with color, contrast, texture, decorative materials such as the use of mirror,
repetition etc.
Lisa Epley (the designer employs most of those items + more).

Designer: Lisa Epley Magazine: Paper City

This venetian mirror is fabulous!

I would love a charcoal and white kitchen!!


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